Available for download for iOS and Android devices.

The Coaching.com App is available to download from the Apple App Store
and the Google PlayStore.

Mobile App Content General Layout

Your Coaching.com mobile app can help you do basic actions while you are on the go! Below are the descriptions for the mobile app for iOS and Android for Admin and Coach's mobile app accounts.


Admins and coaches see the same dashboard.

It contains three tabs:

  • Sessions

  • All Tasks

  • My Tasks


Your Sessions page shows any upcoming and past sessions you have in your account.

All Tasks

Your tasks page shows the tasks of all users within active engagements.

My Tasks
The my tasks page shows tasks that are assigned to you.

Your filters show the options of how you wish to view the engagement:

  • Action Items

  • Files

  • Forms

  • Goal Feedback

  • Milestones


The engagements page is where active engagements can be viewed.

From here you can view and edit:

  • Program

  • Goals

  • Notes

  • Resources


Messages can be sent between users on your messaging page.


The settings page includes actions you can take to get help and edit your profile information.

Inside the settings page you will see:

  • My Profile

  • Notifications

  • Help

  • Contact Support

  • Logout

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