Forms allow you to collect data from your users. Form responses can be viewed both at the individual level and as a summarized report - The responses can be exported in CSV format. Forms can be created by admins within the Global Resources page. When you have created your form you can start sending it to your users.

To learn how to create forms, check out this article on Creating Forms.

To send forms to users outside of an engagement, learn how to send External Forms here.

Sending Forms

You can add forms to engagement programs for your users to fill out.

  • From your Engagements page select an Engagement or create a new one.

  • Select a Form from your Resources by clicking Add Item.

  • Name your form, give it a Description, and select the recipient(s) to receive the form.

  • Click the airplane icon to send your form.

  • When you send a form to a Recipient they will be notified via email and app notification.

  • Your Recipients can fill their forms out from their Engagement, clicking on the app notification, or by clicking the email link.

Helpful tip: Your users do not need to be logged in to fill out the form from the email link.

Pro tip: Form recipients do not have to have a account. You may add them as a recipient by clicking Add by Email. Forms can be filled in from the email link that will route them to an Internet browser tab.

To send forms to users outside of an engagement, check out how to send external forms by email and static link here.

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