Before You Start

When your admin has started your engagement the mobile app can be used to add goals, milestones, request feedback, and provide feedback and goal comments.

Adding a Goal

Add goals to your client's engagements, set the target date, and watch them succeed!

  • Click on the Engagements tab on the bottom toolbar.

  • Choose your desired engagement.

  • Click on the Goals tab.

  • Click the add icon to add a new goal.

  • Set a Target Date for your goal and add the goal.

Once a goal is assigned it will appear in the Goals tab.

Please Note: A goal's confidentiality can be set from the coach or coachee's desktop app. Only the coach and coachee can set their goals to confidential from their own goals and admins will not be able to see them.

Adding Items to Goals

There are 3 items that can be added within a goal: Themes, Milestones and, Comments & Feedback.

Please Note: The admin must choose a theme library in the Engagement Settings in order to activate themes on desktop AND mobile.

Tag Themes

Tagging Themes gives your coach and coachee an idea of what they should focus on during the engagement.

  • From inside a Goal click on the Add Theme icon.

  • Select the Themes you want to tag and click Save.

Complete Milestones

Adding milestones helps your client keep track of their goal. It allows them to hit benchmarks throughout the entire goal.

Here's how to add milestones:

  • Choose your desired Goal.

  • Click on Add Milestone.

  • Add a Milestone Title and Due Date.

  • Click Add Milestone.

  • Complete it by clicking the check box to the left of the Milestone.

Complete a Goal

When your goal has completed milestones and you have received feedback from your users and stakeholders, you may choose to

  • From inside an Engagement click on a Goal or add a new one.

  • Click on the "..." in the top right hand corner.

  • Choose Mark As Complete to complete the goal.

Send a Request for Feedback

Request feedback from stakeholders. The stakeholders will receive a request to provide goal rating and comment on this goal. Milestones will not be shared.

  • Choose your desired Goal.

  • Scroll to the bottom of your Goal and click on the purple + (plus) sign under Feedback and above 'Provide Feedback'.

  • You will be able to choose a stakeholder to whom you would like to ask for feedback.

Please Note: Stakeholders have to be added in the desktop app.

Provide Feedback

The stakeholders present in the goal have received a request for feedback. These stakeholders can now provide feedback on the goal.

  • Choose your desired Goal.

  • Scroll to the bottom of your Goal and choose Provide Feedback.

  • Fill out the feedback form and press Submit.

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