Coachees will be added to the Coach Matching Process by an Admin. The process will add them to a pool with other coaches and coachees that will allow a coach and coachee to match with one another.

View Coach Profiles

  • Log in to the app at

  • Make sure you’re on the Coach Selection page.

  • Click Quick View to read the coach’s profile.

Schedule an Interview with a Coach

  • Click Quick View on the coach’s profile section.

  • Choose Schedule Interview under the coach’s profile picture.

  • Choose a date and time for an interview.

Once you schedule your interview you will have the option to reschedule it for a different date or time.

Request a Coach

  • Click Quick View on the coach’s profile section

  • Choose Request Coach under the coach’s profile picture.

This will notify the coach that you have chosen them and once this is approved by the coach or admin, you can begin your coaching sessions.

To send messages to your coach or point of contact for coaching, you can go directly to the coach’s/admin’s page and hover over their profile picture, and click the message icon. Or you can use the messaging icon on the top toolbar and send messages from there.

Once your coach selection is approved, the engagement will begin. The engagement will include Sessions, Forms, Files, Tasks, and Links. As a coachee, you will be able to schedule sessions, update goals, request feedback from stakeholders, and more.

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