Before You Start

Have you added coaches to your account? To begin adding coaches, check out the guide below.

Make an Employee a Coach

Admins can change the internal coach's profile information by editing the user's profile page. If an employee is a coach the admin can set their account to accept coaching.

  • From your Company Settings page click on Employees

  • Select an Employee and click the three dots on the top right to update employee roles

  • Click the checkboxes to make the user a Coach and/or Available/At Capacity for scheduling Sessions

Sharing Coach Availability

In order for coachees to be able to schedule sessions with their coach, the coach must first sync a calendar and share their availability.

Check out the guide below to begin syncing a calendar.

Available for New Clients

Coaches are able to toggle on or off if they are available to accept new engagements. To turn this on or off, log in as a coach.

  • Click on your icon on the top right corner and click on My Settings

  • Under the General tab, click on the pencil icon

  • Check I'm available for new clients if you are available for new clients

Leaving the I'm available for new clients toggled OFF will not display the coach to the global admin as an option to create an engagement with unless the coach toggles the option back. Existing engagements will not be affected.

Set Engagement Capacity and Limits

Global admins can set a capacity limit of active engagements for (internal) employee coaches. Coaches can also set their own limit of active engagements. To set engagement capacity and limits, please read the guide below.

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