You can add website Links to resources, program Items, engagement resources, sessions and tasks, notes and comments, profile summaries, and the messaging center. Links can be saved in your resources page or for individual use in your engagements.

Add a Link to Resources

  • From your Resources page or Engagement Resources click Add Resource.

  • Select Create Link or Add from Resources.

  • Fill the Name, Description, and complete URL and click Save.

Add a Link to a Program Item

  • From inside an Engagement click on Add Item and choose Link.

  • Choose the Link you added to your Resources in the previous section.

  • You may alternatively click Create a Link.

Add a Link to Your Sessions and Tasks

  • From inside your Engagement click on a Task or a Session.

  • In the Description area add the complete Link URL.

Add Your Link to Resource Documents

  • From inside your Resources page open up a document or click add resource to create a new one.

  • Add the complete Link directly to the Note or use the Chain icon to add the Link to your text.

Add a Link to Your Profile Summary

  • From your Profile click Edit Summary.

  • In the text box area click on the Link icon.

  • Add the complete URL and the text you want to show.

Add Your Link to a Chat Message

  • From inside your Messaging Center select a Chat or create a new one.

  • Type in your Link and click Send.

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