Session Details

You and your coaches can add details about coaching meetings to individual engagement sessions. The more details you add to a session, the more prepared the attendees will be before the session.

When you are ready, add details to your session so that the attendees have the information they need before the scheduled date.

  • From your Engagements page select an Engagement or create a new one.

  • Choose a Session and add a Description, a Location, a Meeting time, the Attendees, Action Items, and Comments.

Session Detail Items

  • Session Location - Add an Address, video URL, or a Phone Number.

  • Session Duration - Add the length of the Session in minutes or hours.

  • Attendees - Add the Session Attendees.

  • Action Items - Add actions to be accomplished regarding the Session.

  • Comments - All Engagement Participants can add comments to Sessions.

Add Details to Your Session

In each session within a program, there are two slightly different ways to set the date, time, and duration of a session.

The schedule button will schedule the session, which will create and send an invitation to anyone who has been added to the session as an Attendee.

To update the duration of a session before scheduling requires admin permissions, or engagement editor permissions (it's a structural change to the program.)

  • From an admin account navigate to the engagement settings.

  • Set the duration of the engagement.

Please Note: The coach (with no special permissions) is able to freely update the date, time, and duration of the session (it's making sure the record is accurate.)

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