Save your preferred meeting locations for matching interviews and sessions. Set defaults for program templates and engagements.

Add a Location to a Specific Session in an Engagement

You can edit the location on a specific session without it affecting any of your default settings.

  • From the Engagements page select an Engagement.

  • Create a Session by adding an item and choosing Engagement Session.

  • Add a Location under Session Details.

  • Click Add New to create a new Meeting Location.

Save a Default Location for All Sessions in an Engagement

Follow these steps to set a Default Location in Engagements:

  • Click on Engagements and select an Engagement.

  • Choose the Settings Tab.

  • Under General click on Default Meeting Location.

  • Save your default meeting locations. It will update and appear on all unscheduled sessions.

Save Default Locations to Program Templates

Follow these steps to set a default location in Program Templates:

  • Go to Company Settings > Program Templates.

  • Click on Settings in the upper right corner.

  • Click on Default Meeting Location.

  • Add and save. This will update all session locations by default.

  • Alternatively, if you do not use the same location for all sessions, you can save unique locations for each session.

Save a Default Location for Matching Interviews

If you participate in coach matching, you should save a default interview location under your personal settings.

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