Sync your calendar and set your standard hours to assist in managing your busy schedule. uses Cronofy to open an authentication window with the options to sync your calendar with Google Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange, and Outlook.

Syncing Your Calendar

Syncing your calendar enables the scheduling feature for your coachees.

  • Click on your Avatar picture and select My Settings.

  • Select on Calendar Settings and click Add Calendar Account.

  • Select a Calendar and follow the authorization steps.

  • To disconnect a synced calendar click Disconnect Calendar.

Once your calendar is synced you may optionally block out time from your synced calendar software simply by scheduling time. This will make that time unavailable when coachees schedule sessions.

Managing Your Schedule

You may also set your standard hours and scheduling policies. Here is where you can set the standard hours for each day of the week.

  • Select which calendars you would like to apply to your schedule.

  • Set an amount of time in between Sessions by setting the default Padding.

  • Set the minimum amount of time a Coachee can schedule a Session before the actual Session.

  • Set the minimum amount of time a Coachee can cancel a Session and click Save.

  • Select what hours during the day that Coachees cannot schedule a session by clicking on the time.

Meeting Locations

You may also set up your default meeting location for all scheduled sessions and requested chemistry interviews.

At the very bottom of your Calendar settings page under 'Default Locations', you will be able to set up a default meeting location. You can set up a physical meeting location, a URL to a static room of your own, or a phone number.

Once you have set up your Default location, hover over the icons on the right side and choose to:

  • Set as the default matching interview location

  • Set as the default coaching session location

  • Or choose both

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