Bug Reporting

We currently offer a form for you to fill out in the event you encounter a bug. This form will help you report bugs for our web-based app only. iOS/Android app reporting is coming soon!

Bug Report Form

Report any bugs or issues you encounter immediately via our bug reporting form. Here you can send us a detailed description of any bugs that you encounter.

This form includes required fields for you to fill out about the bug. The form asks you to provide:

  1. An issue title. Pick a name that succinctly describes your issue.

  2. The email used in your account.

  3. A description of what happened. Briefly summarize what kind of account you have, and what you were trying to do when you ran into the issue.

  4. The steps you took so we can recreate what happened. Break down each step in more detail here.

  5. A screenshot of what you see. This helps our team solve your issue more quickly!

  6. The URL of the page you are on. Just copy and paste from the address bar when you take the screenshot.

  7. The device you are using. (Mac/PC, iPhone, Android) For now, this should just be Mac or PC - iPhone and Android are coming soon!

  8. The browser you are using if you find a desktop bug. It helps us to know if you're using Chrome or Safari or Edge, etc.

  9. And any other information you think is useful for us to sort out. The more information we have, the better!

Example Form Answers

In-App Chat Support

If you are unsure of the required information in the form above, you may also user our in-app chat support feature. Please include steps to reproduce the issue with screenshots, page URLs, and user emails if possible and one of our agents will help you.

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