Multiple Matching Settings

Matching settings give you a customized experience for your coachees. Settings provide you a way to manage the matching process. You can create multiple sets of saved settings that can be assigned to the engagement.

Description of Available Settings

  • Name - Specify your Matching Setting with a name to distinguish it from others

  • Description - Add a short description for your Matching Setting

  • Welcome Message - Add a message for coachees to view while in their matching process and selecting a coach

  • Allow matching interview - Coachees can schedule interviews or they can select their Coach immediately.

  • Matching interview required - Choose whether coachees are required to interview a coach before selecting.

  • Start engagement automatically - Set whether coachees need final Admin approval after they select their Coach or to start engagement automatically

  • Maximum Interview Requests - Set a limit to the number of Matching Interviews coachees can schedule.

  • Interview Details - Customize the Matching Interview Description, duration, and name

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