We've been hard at work updating your Coaching.com account with a fresh new look and feel. All our same features will still be available, but with some enhancements too. We strive to present more functionality to enable you to customize features according to your personal needs. A simplified interface, with greater functionality.

Google Meet Integration

For coaches who use Google calendars and Google Meet, we have an awesome new update for you! Learn how to Google Meet as your default meeting location to easily conduct your coaching sessions via Google Meet! Please have a look at this article to learn more.

Suggest Three Times

For coaches without a synced calendar, this is a new feature which will enhance the ability to easily schedule chemistry sessions with potential new coachees! Learn more about the journey of Suggest Three Times here for coaches, and refer to this guide for coachees!

Connect Easily by In-App Video

With this new feature, you can meet with your clients directly through the Coaching.com platform! Rather than having to use other resources to connect with your clients virtually, we've made it easier for you to connect in one place!

Send Forms by Email and Link

This new feature will allow you to collect data from users outside of an engagement using a sharable link! You may send via email or generate a link for existing forms, or simply create a new form in the main resources area accessible from the left navigation menu! This is a very useful way to create intake forms and collect information before coach matching or starting an engagement.

To learn more read our article on how to Send Forms by Email and Link.

Multiple Matching Settings

Matching settings give you a customized experience for your Coachees. Settings provide you a way to manage the matching process. You can create multiple sets of saved settings that can be assigned to the engagement!

To learn more read our article on Multiple Matching Settings.

Improved Coachee Experience

Your client coachees have an all new and improved user experience from end to end. From clean coach matching workflows down to the details of their engagement. The coachee experience is beautiful and easy to navigate. Coachees can select their coach and schedule or request sessions with ease. Watch the video below for the full experience.

To learn more read our article about Getting Started for Coachees.

Customer Centric Design

At Coaching.com, we keep our users top of mind. During each stage of design, development, and testing, we always ask how the changes we're making will impact our customers and their clients too. Our goal is to support your goals - management and scale of your coaching practice - to the best of our ability. We continuously collect user feedback and feature requests and use such feedback to inform customer centric, user driven product development.

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