Interested in learning more about how can help you manage your coaching practice more efficiently? Our webinar hosts are experts in helping executive coaches and companies leverage technology to centralize their coaching management. Find our webinar links below.

Internal & Contracted Coaches

(10 mins + Q&A) - Walkthrough account set-up and basic engagement management.

  • Set up your Coach Profile.

  • Sync your calendar.

  • Schedule sessions.

  • Share resources.

  • Track goal progress.

Independent Coaches

(20 mins + Q&A) - Learn how to manage your entire coaching practice in one place.

  • Set up your Coach profile.

  • Create Program Templates.

  • Brand your email notifications.

  • Add Client records, send invites.

  • Create and manage Engagements.

Coaching Company Admins

(30 mins + Q&A) - Learn how to manage multiple coaches and clients with

  • Configure your Company Settings.

  • Brand your account and email notifications.

  • Create Program Templates.

  • Invite Coaches to connect.

  • Add Clients and manage Engagements.

Internal Coaching Program Managers

Do you work within the talent management / HR function and manage coaching at a large enterprise corporation? Schedule a 1:1 demo to consult with an enterprise account specialist.

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