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Release Notes November 2022 - Administrative Tools and More
Release Notes November 2022 - Administrative Tools and More
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The platform continues to evolve with this release. There are improvements to existing tools as well as new functionality for Administrators and account owners to take advantage of.

Improvements & New Features

  • Welcome Email Feature

  • Page Performance Improvements for Program Items, and Engagement Templates

  • Engagement Name is Now included in Chemistry Call Invites/Notifications

  • Engagement Template Resources - Ability to Pull from Global Resources

  • Adjustable Currency on Contract Templates


Welcome Email Feature

The task of sending out an introductory, or a welcome email, can now be fully automated within the platform. The Engagement Template, as well as Engagement Settings now has a new tool, the Welcome Email settings.

These Welcome Email settings allow for both a subject and a message. The message editor provides all of the tools for formatting the content.

If the Welcome Email details have been filled in by the administrator, the email will be sent under the following conditions:

  • 1:1 Engagement is set to 'active'

  • Coach matching has started

  • A Marketplace package is sold

Page Performance Improvements for Program Items and Engagement Templates

Some platform users have seen slower load times when viewing the Program Items page, and also within the Engagement Templates. This is now vastly improved, especially for the larger accounts. The pages have been optimized, and now load much more quickly.

Engagement Name is Now Included in Chemistry Call Invites/Notifications

The notification for Chemistry Calls is now expanded to include the Engagement Name. This is helpful to give context for the invite, prior to the session.

Engagement Template Resources - Ability to Pull From Global Resources

There has been a limitation in the platform related to resources within the Engagement Template. Up until now, new resources needed to be added, without the ability to pull from Global Resources.

A huge time saver is here and allows for re-using resources that have already been uploaded to Global Resources.


Currency for Billing Approach Templates is Now Adjustable

The currency for the Billing Approach Templates (or Contract Templates) is now adjustable. Previously this was fixed based on the account's default currency. This now provides limitless options for interfacing with clients, or contracted coaches, who are working with other currencies.

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