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Release Notes November 2022 - PrinciplesYou Assessments
Release Notes November 2022 - PrinciplesYou Assessments
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PrinciplesYou Assessments are now fully integrated into platform. PrinciplesYou assessments were created by Dr. Adam Grant, and are design to help clients "gain the self-awareness and other-awareness that are critical to making good decisions and getting things done".

The integration with PrinciplesYou provides an end to end experience for coaches and clients.

Coach Certification

Coaches can become certified by going through the PrinciplesYou Certification Program. The course has over 5 modules containing 3 hour sessions over 3 weeks, and prepare the coach for developing expertise in the PrincipleYou Assessment and the personality science that underpins this approach. Once certified, Coaches can be listed on the Principles Marketplace where they can attract new clients for debrief and extended sessions.

Client Experience

Clients are offered to sign up and pay for debrief sessions with certified coaches when they receive their assessment results on Packages include an initial 1-session debrief that can lead to more extended relationships with the coach.

Coach Experience

After certification, coaches can setup their profiles and be listed on Principles Marketplace. They will receive notifications about package sales from PrinciplesYou Assessment Takers. Coaches will be paid up front for their service directly through Stripe. The client and coach relationship then begins with new engagements. And this is where all of the power of the platform comes to life to support session scheduling, notes, ratings, and offers for the client to sign up for extended packages with the coach.

Coach Certification

Coaches can get certified for the PrinciplesYou certification through a 5 module program. There they will learn how to effectively debrief using PrinciplesYou results, extracting practical, and actionable insights which inspire prospects to hire you as their coach. A certification allows for coaches to be listed on the Principles Marketplace, where they can accept new clients who are interested in learning more about their PrinciplesYou assessment results.

Activating PrinciplesYou Coaching Packages on Marketplace

Once certified, coaches will have the option to activate their PrinciplesYou packages so that they are available for sale on Principles Marketplace.

Packages include:

  • 1 Session Debrief: This is the initial offer that clients will see after they take their assessment. This debrief is a 60 minute session that enables the coach to extract helpful insights from the results for the client.

After the client has a positive experience with the 1 Session Debrief, they will be presented with additional offers from the coach for a more extended engagement. Those options include:

  • 3 Session Package

  • 6 Session. Package

  • 12 Session Package

Each of the packages above are offered with standardized pricing for the client, and contain 60 minute sessions. They are aimed to dive further into the PrinciplesYou assessment results, and to help the client obtain actionable insights as well as goals that will help them achieved positive outcomes.

There is one additional package:

  • Free 1 Session Debrief

In the case the client has a negative experience with their 1 Session Debrief, they will be offered one more chance to make it right with a different coach. Coaches can opt-in to offering a Free 1 Session Debrief for clients that are in situation. The opportunity for coaches is to turn the client's experience into a positive one, and to be able to offer extension packages as a next step in the form of the 3, 6, or 12 Session Packages.

Certified coach's will see a new package offering in their Marketplace Settings. This is where a coach can activate their packages.

The image below shows the interface for enabling the 1 Session Debrief, the 3, 6, 12 Session Packages, as well as the opt-in for the Free 1 Session Debrief.


Client Experience

Clients complete their assessments on Thousands of clients are taking the PrinciplesYou assessment every month. They receive their assessment results immediately online at PrinciplesYou.

Assessment Results

The PrinciplesYou assessment results are amazing, and are full of rich information for the client to review. It includes information about their strongest archetype, their talents, weak areas, and more.

Within the results is an offer to schedule a live debrief with a PrinciplesYou Certified Coach. This is where clients, who are eager to learn more, can review certified coaches on the Principles Marketplace and purchase a debrief package

Principles Marketplace

Clients who click on the offer on will land on Principles Marketplace. Here they will be able to see all of the certified coaches with 1 Session Debrief packages.

The packages have standardized pricing, so the client is only comparing the coaches based on their rich profile.

Please Note: Prices are subject to change, and are being optimized for both value to the client, and benefit to the coach.

The Debrief Engagement

After checkout, clients will receive a congratulations response with links that will take them directly to their coaching engagement on The client will be presented with an engagement that has 3 components:

  • A Client/Coach Contract

  • An assignment to 'Share Results' with the coach, and pulls the PrinciplesYou Assessment Results into the platform as an engagement resource.

  • A session, where the client can schedule a time and date with the Coach.

The Coach Experience

Coaches will receive a notification that a package has been sold, and will have a new engagement with the client within Coaches will be able to view the Principles You Assessment Results from within the engagement.

The coach can prepare, and then meet with the client for the scheduled session. And this is where the magic happens to unveil valuable insights from the assessment results.

Engagement Ratings, and Extended Session Packages

Once the debrief session is complete, the coach will complete the engagement. An engagement rating email will immediately be delivered to the client, where they can rate their session.

Extended Packages

With a positive feedback rating (4 or 5 out of 5 stars), the client will be presented with offers from the coach to continue the relationship with more extensive packages. This includes 3, 6, or 12-session package options.

Please Note: Prices are subject to change, and are being optimized for both value to the client, and benefit to the coach.

Free 1-Session Offer

In the case of a negative rating (1, 2, or 3 out of 5 stars) clients will be presented with an offer for a free session with another coach to improve their experience and set them up for success.

Coaches can opt-in to provide this free session pro bono, in anticipation that is may lead to an extended relationship through 3, 6, or 12-session packages.

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